Monday, July 20, 2009


Ya know how everyone says your kids grow up in the "Blink" of an eye?

Well it's true!

We had the missionaries over for dinner yesterday, something we haven't done in a couple years. Well, I was getting everything ready and in walk the two Elders. They could have been Hayden's friends. I mean seriously! I've always had the impression of the Elders as Young men. But my heck, they were just two young teenagers. It was a weird realization for me. My sweet little "teenage" Hayden will be out there within the next year. As mothers we always want our babies to grow up, go to college, serve a mission, etc. But now that it's here for me I just want to keep him home safe with me. I love my boys. They're so funny and a joy to hang out with. I know a mission is where he needs to be but I'm tellin' ya, it's gonna be hard on me.

And it's all about me right??


West said...

he is so handsome! your such a cute sad your baby will be away. I can't even imagine Tayton being wierd!
we miss you guys!

sharon said...

Such a nice young man. We will miss him too but it will be a great experience for our whole family!

Love, mom

deesha said...

Thanks for the warning! I remember when I realized I was older than the missionaries and THAT was hard! You will be such a cute missionary mom!