Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Trash to Treasure

So I sold my totes at a boutique in Eagle Mountain earlier this summer where I met the most creative gal, Christine. Visit her at She has a knack for finding treasures. So I am following suit. I always said I was a great idea stealer! So I ventured into D.I. the other day where I found these beauties for only $2.00 each. Score!!!! And this is what I turned them into.

I painted the little shelf this fun green color.

And the cork bulletin board I painted purple (when do we ever get to decorate with purple) and tucked in some fabric I already had. Then screwed in these little hooky things and hung all my sewing stuff on them.

Here it is above my sewing machine. Right within reach.

I made this shelf out of just 2 pieces of 6ft by 5 inch wood. I've had the fun pink drawer knobs for a while now just waiting to be used.

I still have the mirror to do.
Now that my sewing room is all nice and neat I'd better get back to sewing.


West Family said...

So, cute! I love your sewing room! I think I donated that mirror to the DI, can't wait to see what you do with it:)

West Family said...

Hey April! I checked out your stuff and I think my favorites are In Full Bloom or sophisticate (not sure I spelled it right) They are all so cute! Your primary fabric is also really sweet. Can't wait to see you guys! Joshua is very excited to see Porter, his long lost brother in Utah:)

Berry Family said...

Cute cute! Im so excited we are doing the Jewlry in Sept. Who is "showing" it. Yay!