Thursday, May 28, 2009

Graduation Time

This has been a momentous week. Porter graduated from Pre-school and Hayden graduated from High School.

I have never been a crier. I didn't cry when my boys started Kindergarten like other moms did or when Hayden went to his first prom or got his license, but oh boy has that changed.... We were sitting at the Dee Events center today waiting for his graduation to start, feeling good about everything and then I saw him in his cap and gown with the music starting to play and out of nowhere came the water works!

For some reason this sweet picture kept running through my mind. And I could not stop crying.

(We were still in the hospital. He had an IV in his little wrist)

It hit me all at once! Time with our children is so precious. We get so caught up in daily lives and before we know it BAM! They're all grown up.

The sweet baby boy I used to hold in my arms now towers above me. He is such a perfect son. He tries so very hard to do what's right and I know how hard this can be at times. I'm so glad he is the oldest because he is a wonderful example for his younger brothers.

He and 4 friends are driving to St. George and then on to California next week. I offered him my van, his remarks, with a big grin, "we can't pick up girls in a mini-van!"

Needless to say I will be doubling up on my prayers for him this week!

Congrats Hayden. We love you sooooooooooooooooo much!


Hollyween said...

Wow! He's grown since I saw him last.


And can I just say you look like a super hot mamma in that pic!

West Family said...

So exciting! Congrats Hayden! I am sorry you cried April, it is sad how fast they grow-up. Hope you are all happy:)

West Family said...

congrats, sounds like he had a good time.


This and That Creations said...

Man...! you're making ME cry when I'm reading your blog about your baby graduating! Your blog is adorable..keep in touch!