Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Porter

Happy New Year everyone and Happy Birthday to my sweet Porter. Today was a fun filled day. First we had Porter's party at McDonald's- HUGE hit! Then we took him swimming at the Roy rec center which would have been more fun if we hadn't had to deal with the "Swim Nazi"! (But that is a post for another day) Then I hurried home to cut up a ton of steak and chicken for our fondue dinner. We also had twice baked potatoes, corn, rolls, pigs in a blanket and sparking cider. Oh my goodness, it was awesome! When I was young we did fondue every year but once the family got too big my Mom decided it was to unsafe. So while mine is still small I thought I'd start it.

Look how I'm surrounded by boys. Hopefully someday soon I'll be surrounded by daughter-in-laws :)


deesha said...

There's just something about having all boys. You are a lucky, lucky girl! The daughters-in-law will come all too soon :) And your post about your messy house made me laugh. It takes true talent to make it look like that!

West Family said...

Joshua said,"Whoa, Porter is 5?!? No fair!" Can't wait to see you guys!!