Tuesday, December 30, 2008

And Mom & Dad can hardly wait for school to start again...

Please someone.... HELP!!!!
With 3 teenagers, all, and I mean ALL their friends and Porter home all day, my house cannot take it! Even when I go to bed with the kitchen clean this is what I wake up to.
(look, even my cute little teddy bear can't take it)A while ago I put Hayden and Jordan in charge of their own laundry. Well, on the off day they do a few loads this is what ends up in my sewing room!!!!! Don't you all feel sorry for me??
You should all do a service project for me and hire a maid to clean my house. If you really loved me you would :)
That's it I'm gettin' the whip out. If you see 4 Ballou boys cryin' you'll know why.


ClistyB said...

I have never, ever seen your house like that, April. Ever.
But I believe that the boys could do that.

Til said...

Oh Man!!! You poor thing!!! Yep, get that right there are some fightin words! You poor thing...In fact you should sit with your feet up and give them each a list and watch as they clean up! LOL!! YOU GO GIRL!!!

Jennie said...

I feel your pain! Seems there is never a clean spot until after they're in bed, then it starts all over the next day. I can't wait until next Monday!!

Hollyween said...

I TOTALLY feel sorry for you. Geez, and I thought I had it bad with ONE boy. Although, I'm beginning to think that girls are messier. You should see what Faith can do.

West Family said...

Whatever! That is what my laundry room looks like when I do laundry!!!

The kitchen is a bit ridiculous. Maybe you should put them in charge of that too!