Thursday, September 18, 2008

Got Chicken?

Today I cut up and Bagged 40 pounds of chicken. Not a pretty site! Kent's has it's chicken on sale. You get 40 lbs. of boneless, skinless chicken for only 50.00 bucks. It comes fresh so I had to separate it and put it into freezer bags. It is a ton of chicken!!! I'm sure it will last us at least a year.

Anyway, on to more fun things. Our ward is getting ready to do our Super Saturday. It will be October 18th. My committee and I picked out some super fun things to make. Here are some pictures.....

These are only $10.00 including the stand

This is $5.00 It's just scrap book paper on wooden blocks with the letters stamped on in black paint. Each block is about 4 by 31/2 inches tall.

This is $9.00

This adorable snowman can be yours for only $5.00

This is $4.00


and finally, this little guy is $8.50.

We have a few other things not listed. Hopefully it will be a fun filled day.

I have gotten to be friends with a gal from our doctors office that lives by me. She is doing all our vinyl for super Saturday. She is very creative. This most adorable witch is her creation. And she was kind enough to let me take pictures of it and sketch out a pattern. So soon I will have one hanging on my door too. Thanks Angie :)


Hollyween said...

I want every single one of those things. Our SS is on the same day. I love the magnet picture board the best.

Jennie said...

Wow! Very cute stuff. You are very talented.

West Family said...

Umm, can I be in your ward? These are the cutest ss things I have ever seen! Girl, you are the bomb!

West said...

very cute! I am such a slacker on my vinyl, those make we want to start doing more! you guys are so creative!!!

Jeffrey and Elise: said...

This is Elise from the "help-line" and I just got your blog address from Paula to see the cute pics, but then I saw that you are a craft queen! I was wondering if I could purchase some of those craft items? I would buy like all of them!:) Hey thanks and by the way, cutest blog ever!!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, those things are so cute! I wish I could come to your ward.