Sunday, August 17, 2008

It's good to be back!

This summer has been so busy! I have missed blogging. I have tried to keep up on my reading of all of your post though. So I thought I'd give a quick synopsis of the Ballou family's summer...

My second son Jordan turned 15

Porter beat up Conner a few times.
The boys had a few water fights on the trampoline. (note to self; if you know you'll have a million strapping teenagers over, buy a better trampoline!) poor tramp...

Hayden worked out every day. He insists on not wearing a shirt around the house even though it drives his mom crazy!

The boys playing in the water at the dam. They had so much fun. This is Jordan and his friend Steve, (I'm pretty sure I adopted him and no one told me, these two have been together the whole summer) His name is Steve Canaan, yes his dad is John Canaan the LDS singer, famous for singing Together Forever.
We found time to go down to St. George with my mom, my sisters and sister in law.
Jamie is visiting from New York. Kris, my brother will be here tomorrow. They finally got a normal blog.
This is Porter and Joshua.

James did a radio interview on his book and is doing very well. I conquered West Haven Days, Cherry days and Roy days and boy am I tired of sewing!!!!!!! But I did just order some way fun fabric for fall so I'll be starting that soon.

Thanks everyone for your support for the book. Now if we can just get school started.........


Jennie said...

What a busy summer. Sounds like you all had fun, though! Good to have you back!

Til said...

Sounds like a busy but fun summer! Glad your back!!!!

Hollyween said...

You guys have been busy!
Your kids all look way bigger than the last time I saw them. How does that happen?

I know John Canaan. He used to sing a lot of my mom's music. I love his CD 'Our Savior's Love'. It's my favorite.

sharon said...

Great pictures! You didn't tell me that Steve's dad was famous.
You did have a busy summer and it's not over. Hope you can come to everything the week Kris is here. It will go by so fast. He wants to got Training Table, hope we can fit it in.
Kris is in the air as I write. Dad took some cute pictures at Julie's the other night. Congrats on James interview, it was very interesting. You guys are way cool.

West Family said...

Where did Jordan get those sunglasses!?! I had a pair just like them when I was about 13--scary!!! I think my sisters had neon green on the sides. Sad thing is that he probably thinks they are a new big trend that no one thought of before! Miss you guys so much! Thanks for playing with us so much. Joshua needs Porter to live closer. He still asks if he can sleep at your house again!