Friday, July 11, 2008

Next best thing

Many of you know of my love for diet Dr. Pepper. Well I was so surprised and happy when I realized that many of the gas stations here in the Ogden area have drive thru windows. Big deal you say??? Well when it's early in the morning and you have just crawled out of bed to take your kids to school it's comforting to know that you can stay in your P.J's and zip through the trusty drive thru to get your morning fix. Now, if that weren't good enough, I found the next best thing today! I was in North Ogden by the Cannery building. (I have some of my purses in their boutique for sale :) ) Anyway... across the street is a Cavanaughs chocolate store. So Porter and i run in to get us a treat and on my way out I see it !!!!!! Yes that's right! Mrs. Cavanaughs has thought of everything. There is a drive thru window. I swear my heart skipped a beat. Seriously could life get any better?

All I can say is "Thank you Mrs. Cavanaughs"

(This really is her.)


By the way, check out here to see my daddy's, Draper temple site. The angel Moroni came this week and he documented the whole thing. Yeah Dad!


West said...

I am with ya on the drive thru! I think everything should have a drive thru...sometimes it would be nice to just drive thru instead of unpacking the kids and taking them in and then trying to pack them back in the car..(I only have one kid and I still don't want to unpack her and pack her back up) kind of lazy but kind of just don't want to go through all of that for a drink or treat at the store!!

ClistyB said...

holy cow that's worth thr drive up to Ogden just to go thru a chocolate store drive thru!!!!!

West Family said...

I hear Porter and Joshy are having a great time playing togeter.