Friday, July 4, 2008


Can I please just sit down and catch my breath please? What have I gotten myself into? I just finished my second fair today. I did west Haven days last week and North Ogden Cherry days today. Even though I have been extra busy I have loved every minute of it. Everyone has been so receptive and loves the totes. Both fairs were great! But now it's time to get on with summer. We haven't been to the pool once. And we need to go to Lagoon more than twice to make our season passes worth the money! So I'm putting away the sewing machine for a few days and it's time to relax and play! Happy 4TH everyone.

P.S. I had to change my comment area because I was getting some weird comments. Sorry for the dumb delay.


Jennie said...

Your bags are so cute! Glad it's all going so well. I've seen the same type of bags on Good Things Utah. They must be the popular thing now!