Sunday, April 27, 2008

Signs of Spring

Today has been a beautiful day. The temperature is just perfect. I was sitting outside earlier enjoying the sun and noticing all of the tell tale signs that Summer is right around the corner.


Little boys chasing butterflies with their net they just had to have from the grocery store.

My Lilac bush I planted last year sprouting new buds.

Dirty little boys running around having just gobbled down their weight in Oreos.

My beloved Hollyhocks coming back to life from a very long, cold winters nap.
Spring decor hanging on the front door.


And of course my neighbors beautiful green lawn springing life next to my sad brown grass.

Yes mine is on the left. I think he fertilizes just to make us look bad.

OK, this might be a sappy post but it really is a nice day. My Mom has a saying she uses a lot and I'm going to try to adapt it to my life this summer:

"I expect some new phases of life this summer and will try to get the honey from each moment..." ~~~Lucy Stone


West said...

I love spring!! I wish I could bring Tayton over to catch stuff and eat treats with Porter! I am missing SLC with this nice weather!!!

Jennie said...

I love days like that! I just wish they would stay!!

Til said...

Very pretty! Your home looks lovely! And that Chocolate face....definitely cute!

sharon said...

It's tell tale. I have been noticing the blossoms on all the trees. When are you going to ride Front Runner up here? It's going to be a great summer.