Sunday, April 20, 2008

Porter is such a good host

Yesterday I hollered down to Porter and asked him who he was talking to

he said, "A girl"

I thought it was the little girl that lives behind us that he'd been playing with earlier.

James asked, "What are you doing?"

To which Porter replied, "I'm just showing her around."

We thought that was an odd thing for a 4 year old to say. But figured he was ok.

About 5 minutes later we went downstairs and Porter said, "She won't come out of the couch."

James said, "Who's She?

Porter replied, "The cat."

Apparently he thought it would be a good idea to bring in a mangy old filthy stray cat and show her around. Lovely!

When we lived in Herriman we actually had 2 cats and a dog. But since we built our new home we've been pet free. The picture is from before we moved. We had a talk with Porter about the difference is between a cat and a girl. Who know if it took or not......


Til said...

Okay , now that is stankin cute! Love it!

Yep April, I'm in potato land! LOL!!!

Jennie said...

That is hilarious! I love the picture, too. I always just imagine the worst when they are playing so nicely and's the quietly that will get you every time!

West said...

SO cute! I love that he just invites her in and shows her around your house!

Hollyween said...

This story is extra funny for me because I love cats so much. It's hilarious that he was just "showing her around" like it was a girlfriend or something.

Oh, Porter... I love him!

sharon said...

What's sad about my typo is that I proof read it several times. Doesn't this thing have a spell check? The other sad thing is I did't get your joke for awhile. I was going to say a "great" summer is something like a "really good" salad. Then I realized you were making fun of me.
Isn't that great you earned 68 cents interest on your money in one day. Isn't America great?

Love, Mom

deesha said...

That is funny! Your boys are so dang cute. I can't belive how grown-up they all are!