Friday, April 18, 2008

+ PLUS +


Cool huh?! My sweet Conner ran for 7Th grade officer for his Jr. High next year and WON!

Yeah Conner. We're so proud of you.

(don't skip my last post, I did two today.)


Jennie said...

I love it! Congrats Conner! That's awesome!

Til said...

Congrats! How cute is that!

Hollyween said...

Oh, so great!
Congratulations Conner!!
I ran too...
except that I lost. I still cry myself to sleep at night.

sharon said...

Congratulations to Conner! You'll make a great leader. Hope it's a fun year.

I'm sending a package off for the Ballou Boys today with some goodies in it.

Love, Grandma West

secret admierer said...

congrats!!!!!!!! CONNER LOVE YOU

secret admierer said...

conner ballou I love you and I voted for you.