Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Snow Snow Go Away

James has been training in Utah County all week so today I went down with him to hang out at my parent's house in Draper. On our way there the snow began, and 7 hours later it's still going strong. I hope James can make it back here tonight. Then as soon as he gets back we have to head back to West Haven because James has a training again in the morning at 7:00 a.m. But the worst thing of all is my little 9 year old niece has been stuck on the school bus for over 5 HOURS!!! They live in Alpine and on the way home from school her bus got stick, then broke down, then the highway was shut down. So my sister, Julie can't even go get her. One of the kids had a cellphone so she has talked to Bailey. Needless to say everyone is quite upset. I'll write more later and let you all know how it turned out.
This is Bailey on a happier day.


West said...

That is aweful! I agree Snow go away!! I much rather be hot then cold..winter brings so much snow and flu's and stuff...atleast in the summer when it's hot all you have to do is go inside, no snow no flu just lemonade and sunshine!! Let us know how Bailey is doing, and did you and James make it home?

Jennie said...

I am so sorry she was on that bus. I watched the news last night and even though the kids at the school seemed happy, I couldn't imagine having one of mine at school or on a bus that long while I couldn't fo anything about it. Hope you are all home safe.