Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Happy Birthday James

My sweetie turns "Thirty something" on the 7th. So this blog is devoted just to him. If any of you haven't read his book you're in for a real treat. (Visit link below)
The words I use to decribe him are: Fiercely Loyal, funny, kind, sensitive to my needs, commited, SMART, strong, of cource cute, survivor, intune, etc, etc, etc.
He works so hard to provide this wonderful life for me and our boys. He has such a strong testimony of the gospel and I love that he shares it with us often. He always knows exactley what our boys need. They are lucky to have him. After you read his story you'll wonder how he turned out so great. The odds were stacked against him. I fully believe that before we came to earth, Heavenly Father told us that one of us would have to go through many trials here on earth and James jumped right up and said he would do it. I'm sure I would not have come out on top as he has. I'm amazed at the wisdom he has. He knows the scriptures backwards and forwards. He is sooooooo good to me. He always says and does just what I need to make me feel good about myself. Almost 19 years later I love him more and more every day. We have so much fun together. There is no one else on this earth I'd rather spend eternity with.
I love you babe.

Both of these are with Porter

This is the "James Wall of Fame". We're so proud of our Dad!


West Family said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMES!!!! I was going to leave a post on his blog, but since he hasn't updated it since the beginning of JAN I thought he might get the message better through yours!! We love James and miss his witty charm. Thanks for being part of the family! Hope you have a wonderful day and know that we are thinking of you!! Love The East Coast West Family

Kristoffer said...

Happy b-day James!
I love the bunny outfit. Where can I get one for the hospital.

West said...

Happy Birthday James!!