Monday, December 31, 2007

You call this a birthday?

So even though we celebrated Porter's b-day yesterday it felt funny not doing anything for it today. So we decided to take him to McDonalds. Well everyone body else and thier dog was there too. (especially all the little girls that only know how to SCREAM). I had gotten him another little cake so we could sing to him at McDonalds, I even brought the candles. Wouldn't you think someone there would have matches or a lighter??? When I asked the worker she said "none of us smoke." Like she was insulted that I would think they did. I know they host birthday parties there, how do they light the cakes then??? Do they only hire hostesses that smoke? Anyway... Porter was a good sport and he pretended to blow out the candles.

We went into a store after to look around and Porter spotted some Cars Crocks. He told James he wanted them and James replied the standard response, "maybe for your birthday". Well I guess Porter is so used to hearing that , that he said "OK".

Happy Birthday for real this time Porter.

And happy New year everyone.

Here he is in the play thingy.


Big Daddy B said...

Kids like to be tricked don't they?

West said...

Happy new year to you guys too!
Tayton and I were in bed by 9 and scotty stayed up to celebrate by himself...what a party!! ha ha ha

John Holly Levi & Faith said...

You should have called me to go to McDonalds...

Porter is gonna love his crocs. Levi LOVED his.

Kristoffer said...

You are lucky you live in a place where no one smokes. If I would hav asked that here 9 out of 10 people would have a lighter. Anyway, the no -flame-candle-blowing picture is so funny and a little sad.