Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Run Down of the Republican Candidates Coming Up

This is a strictly self promotional post but I wanted to go where the traffic is and April has it. I promise not to do any more political posts on the site my wife has so generously allowed me to post on so please bear with me.

I have watched with some disappointment (and sometimes horror) as the voting records and political decisions of the Republican candidates for President of the United States (POTUS) have been exposed to the light of day. If you have been watching closely (and I hope you have more fun things to do than that) then you know that we certainly don't have much to be proud of in our candidates. Nevertheless, the Republican stable of candidates are certainly more qualified than their Democrat rivals. Sadly, that's a little bit like saying my high school buddy's 1982 K-Car was dramatically better than my 1978 Ford Fairmont but you have to take your victories whenever they come.

In the next series of entries on my site ( I am going to provide a run-down of the candidates. I will include the following candidates in this series of blog entries:

former Mayor Rudy Giuliani - NY
former Governor Mike Huckabee - AR
Senator John McCain - AZ
Rep. Ron Paul - TX
former Governor Mitt Romney - MA
former Senator Fred Thompson - TN

Please note that I am only including Ron Paul because of the comedic value that he brings to the line up. He is not someone I honestly believe you should even consider placing your support behind but then again I was also never a big supporter of smoking cigarettes and that sure seems to have caught on. One other important point is that I am not backing anyone so far but I will vote for the Republican candidate. The reason I have not thrown my support behind any of the candidates is that each of them has found a special way to cause a slight gag reflex in me. I think this is going to be another one of those elections where I have to hold my nose when I vote Republican.

To read these reviews just click over to my site.


Momma Ballou said...

It's no wonder you have two Doctoral degrees honey. Keep fighting the good fight.

John Holly Levi & Faith said...

I'm not educated enough to make a comment on this. But I'm impressed with all those big words in there.

West Family said...

I am glad I have someone to guide me so I don't have to close my eyes and pick one. Not a bad voting plan though, right?