Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Can you believe it???

What do you get when you cross this:
With this:

Give up???????

An $800.00 dollar fix it job, that's what!

My Dad's brand spankin new Navigator wasn't working today so he had to have it towed to Bountiful. He's only had it about 2 months. Well, they called and said they had bad news. Apparently a squirrel had made its permanent residence under the hood of his car. It had chewed all the electrical wires.

Can you even believe it?!?!?!

SO, next time you see a squirrel,



Jennie said...

Oh my goodness!! THat's hilarious. I mean, it's too bad, cause that's expensive. But Daniel and I are laughing. But not at your dad!!

McNeil said...

See this is exactly why I love checking your blog, you always have me rollin. Ha Ha Ha I Love it!

Mike and Sam Berry said...

That is just wrong! I would be so dang irritated .... dang little animal.
Oh, I'm glad she ordered one! Yes we used to live in that houser, but sadly it wasn't as nice since we were renting it through a friend. Jessi & her hubby went in and basically gutted it.

Til said...

Oh how awful! Dumb squirels!! I'll make sure I run them over. LOL!!!

West Family said...

I can't believe it did that! I forgot that he hasn't been driving it much. I am glad it was fixable.

West Family said...

new events????

your favorite brother (Kris, incase you weren't sure)