Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. We had a glorious day. There were 25 of us. The sweet potatoes that my sister Robyn made were the best ever. I should post the recipe. We missed my brother Kris's family and my nephew's family. But we also found out we will be getting 2 new babies this coming year. Yeah Heidi and Anne :) That will make 5 GREAT grandchildren for my parents. Holy cow.

Later that night we kept our holiday tradition of going to the movies and saw Madagascar 2. It was cute. Porter actually sat through the whole thing which is a first for him.

Tomorrow is my 3rd son, Conner's birthday. And right now I have about 20- 13 year olds in the basement. Can you say B.O.? Oh my good golly. I told Conner to open all the windows and spray air freshener. I know they're all getting use to their changing bodies but sheesh, would it hurt to use a little deo????????

Today I participated in Black Friday. My only store I wanted to hit was Joann's fabrics. Well apparently that's were everyone else in the state was heading too. This was my day:
Arrived at Joann's at 8:45 a.m. (with Porter)
Immediately took a number. # 14
They were on 44. So I thought, ok, they have to go all the way to 100 then I'll only be 14 short spaces away.
Not so! They were on 44 A. I had 14 C.
Realize I'm going to be a while so I open a coloring thingamagig for Porter to play with.
Oops. Now I'm stuck here.
10:00. Start to panic cuz Porter is no longer having fun :(
Decide to abandon my cart and take him to McDonald's for breakfast.
Eat, Hayden arrives.
11:00, go to Circuit city. Hayden buys himself a digital camera.
11:30 go back to Joann's. Now they're on #84 A. Cart is still fine in it's little corner.
12:00. Take Porter home.
Call the store. They are now on the B's.
Go with Hayden to Best buy. Buy a new router for the house.
12:30. Go back to Joann's. They're on # 80 B. Yeah!
12:30-1:10. Listen to someones grumpy husband complain about the wait. (who brings their husband to stores like this? I wanted to kick both of them!)
1:10. # 14 C is called!!!!!!!!! Try and make my way to the cutting table through swarms of crazy people like me.
Old man John cuts my fabric. (odd person to be working here)
1:30. All checked out and on my way home to eat leftovers.
Was it worth it you ask? Well I saved $254.00. So I think it was.
This is the fun flannel I got to make all my kids quilts.
And this is the apron I'm going to make for a certain someone this year
Out of this darling fabric.

Whew! This was a long post. Thanks for enduring.


ClistyB said...

oh yes, I know what you mean.
HAd the Beehives over the other night to make faux-nuts. They asked if they should take off their shoes, I say, yes please. They gather round me at the stove and I am gettin whiffs of the nasty sour foot smell. I wanted so bad to tell them, screw my carpet get your skanky feet back in those shoes!
I cannot even imagine what those boys must have smelled like. Bless you.
I have heard those JoAnn sales are crazy good, but I didn't think it would be that LONG a wait.
good deals tho! fAbric can be so expensive I dont see how people say it is cheaper to make your own stuff.
my comment was almost as long as your poat!!

ClistyB said...


Mike and Sam Berry said...

That is UNREAL! You are a brave woman. I LOVE the apron pattern and fabric is dang cute! I read Mike that part about the boys in the basement & we were bothing laughing. Too funny - ya crack me up.

West Family said...

Who brings their husband?!? Kris would have broken out in hives! I can't believe you saved that much money! You are very diligent. I would have quit.

sharon said...

Thanks for keeping up you blog. I love it! We did have fun on Thanksgiving. Family is great.

Love, Mom