Saturday, November 8, 2008


Question: How many groceries can you get for $10.00?

Well, this is what I got for $10.22!

(The soda is not included)

How you ask?

Well all 3 packs of razors were free

( They were on sale for $2.00 and I had 3 coupons for $2.00 off)

~The canned milk was free

( It was on sale for .50 and I had a .50 coupon for each can)

~The deodorant was $1.00

~The 10 lb. bag of sugar was $3.99

~The Swiss miss was .50

~The cereal was $1.06

~The detergent was $3.33

~And the canned veggies were only .33 cents!

I have been price matching and using coupons for the past couple of months. I'm sure most of you that live around here are doing the same. Isn't it the best! It is a lot of work though. But I consider it my job. I prepare all the meals, buy all the cleaning supplies and keep our food storage stocked so the more I can save the more I can buy. (Holy crap, I just found gum mushed into the carpet! dang kids!) Any way... You do have to be prepared to put up with the under trained workers at Walmart but in the end I save a ton. The last time I went I saved a $100.00 just in coupons. That doesn't count all the price matching I did. Tonight my bill came to $120.00. I saved $60.00 on price matching and another $15.50 using my coupons. When items are on sale I stock up so I won't have to buy them for a while. Like tonight I bought 10 things of deodorant. With 3 teenage boys we go through a lot! So it's always good to have extra. I encourage everyone to do this. If you ever have any questions just ask.


Mike and Sam Berry said...

Nice work! I should really start clipping coupons.

McNeil said...

Wow, way to go. I have been doing this lately too. It seems to be the "in" thing now. Every person I see at the store has there 50 lb. coupon binder with them. I am kind of embarrased to say that I THINK AM OBSESSED! This is all I ever think about anymore. I had my first good shopping trip yesterday I will post about it on my blog, so you should check it out. BTW I love reading your blog you always make me crack up!
Jackie McNeil :)

McNeil said...

Oh I almost forgot! Love the background!!!:)

Mike and Sam Berry said... This blog has some really cute ideas and everytime I have looked at it, I totally think of you Talented Crafty Lady!