Thursday, October 30, 2008

Where does the time go?

For a "stay at home mom" I sure am busy. And I'm finding I don't "stay at home" much.
So I'm just going to do an update of what the Ballou's have been up to.(Beware... this post is full of pictures.)

I went with Porter to a pumpkin patch for his preschool field trip. After we stopped at Krispy Kream and watched them make doughnuts, and ate some of course.

Another day we went to see the Witches at Gardener Village with my sisters and mom. (we miss you every year Jamie) The fried green tomatoes were the best ever! Porter was still scared of the witches so I didn't get any pictures of him next to one.

Here we are with all of our pumpkins and my darling witch.

Last summer Porter wanted to plant something so I gave him a pack of sunflower seeds and told him he could plant them in the front. Well he did! And look how beautiful they are now. Good job Porter.

Thanks for visiting us. Hopefully I'll get another post in before Christmas.


Jennie said...

I love the witch. I love Porter's sunflowers, too. My kids love to grow those!

Til said...

What great photo's...but where were you??? Your son Porter looks so much like his dad!!! And I just love Gardners village...what a great place...we were there 2 years ago this October and had a blast!

I have been a SAHM for 19 years now and like you, I am never home! LOL!!!
Talk to you soon!

West said...

very cute! happy halloween!

West Family said...

First of all so cute! I have never seen the witches at Gardner's Village so I am sad about that! Second, now that Halloween is over on to...Christmas. I know Thanksgiving has to be in there somewhere, but it is just not the same without family around. SO, I was wondering if it would be okay to start the exchange list going. I really have to spread out my shopping and would love to know who I am looking for. It seems like you are always the one to put it together so that is why I am bugging you. Just a thought. Hope you all had fun trick or treating--we sure did!

West Family said...

Thanks for the exchange names. I hope you guys had a blast at the party. I am sure it was awesome since you were hosting it:)

Doug, Katie, Britton, Hayden, Boston Anderson said...

It looks like you guys have had a very fun fall! Your kids are so sweet! As far as good things Utah goes, there is a girl in my ward who books a few things for the show but I don't know how much she really does. I will try to talk to her this week and see if she is open to others calling her. I would love to see James book get out there so I will let you know if I hear anything from her. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Mike and Sam Berry said...

Hey April! Such cute pictures! So, I decided ... I want to get a bag to use as my temple bag. I don't know if you would be able to do one in browns and tans for me. Let me know if that would work. I will also try to catch ya on Sunday and talk to ya! Thanks again.