Tuesday, May 27, 2008

You call this Summer?

My latest purse
Well even though today is a beautiful day our kick off to summer hasn't been the best. Let's just say that between the cold weather the cops, yes I said cops, I'm wondering how our summer is going to turn out. Without going into all the details let's just say that if you're going to egg someones house park your car far enough away so that no one will be able to see you license plates. Anyhoo, I'm going forward from here. I've been sewing, getting lots of totes ready for West Haven Days at the end of the month. James finished and published his book. I am soooooo proud of him. We've had several people review it and so far everyone loves it. YEAH! I'm putting a link to it so you can all check it out. If any of you are interested in purchasing it let me know. We can get you a better price than what's listed.


Summary of James Book
James Ballou grew up in Davenport, Iowa and faced what some consider an almost insurmountable set of obstacles from virtually the beginning of his life. Raised by his father in an environment of the most brutal and depraved group of criminals that infested the Quad Cities in the 1970s and 1980s. He survived shootings, drug deals, abuse and neglect in a household that was a literal den of thieves, drug addicts and other criminal types. His book includes an accounting of the events that took place in his home, how he reacted to the events and what long term effect that the the events had on his life.


West said...

Hey there! I would love to read James' book, I was just running today thinking I need to read more!!! I am not sure if you know much about my childhood..but sounds like James and I have a little in common, not that mine was as "lets say crazy" as James but I could tell ya a few stories that would make you just think what the heck!!! ( : remind me to tell you the one where my brother and I were in the car when my moms boyfriend robbed the grocery store down the street from our house...now that was fun times!!!

Jennie said...

Ok, You've got me curious! What happened?? Great job on the book! I hope it does well. The bags are soooo cute! Great job.

Til said...

WOW your purse is lovely! Great job there! That book sounds intriguing!!!

Hollyween said...

I love that tote April.
You know what you should do? A giveaway. I can host it on my blog. It gets tons of people looking and getting excited about it. If you want to do it, let me know and I can put it up on a post. Maybe when I get back from Seattle. I'm leaving Tues and I'll be gone for a week.

sharon said...

Totes are getting cuter and cuter. I'm waiting for you to get famous so I can have someone to name drop. I enjoyed reading the book. I thought it was very well written, very interesting. I guess I should be putting this on James' website.

Love, mom