Monday, April 7, 2008

Some more "This-n-That"

I was surprised how many of you don't know Debbie Mumm. She is an artist that designs a vast array of items. From calendars to fabric to most anything cute. I'm sure you've seen her work many times and just didn't know who it belonged to. I found some darling screen savers on her website. Her style is definitely me.

Here is a picture of my screen saver.

Here is some of her artwork:

I stopped in the Quilted Bear the other day and found the perfect vinyl saying for my bedroom. I have a space above my T.V. that is tall and bare. So I put up the saying and this cute wreath.


Hollyween said...

Cute wreath!
I've never heard of the mumm lady. 'Course, I have no style so are you surprised? Didn't think so.

Jennie said...

Her stuff really is cute! I like it. Cute wreath, too! I bet your house is just very cute!

West said...

I love that quote! I need to get some up in my that I have ahouse..hahah