Sunday, March 30, 2008

Oh sweet heaven

I stole this post from Clisty. This is a quote directly from her blog: "I took a sample. It was a 2x2 inch piece of lovin' topped with a kiss of cream cheese." (Clisty, you seriously should do a commercial for them.)
This store is right up my alley. Next time I'm down South I'm heading there! Anyone want to come?
Check out the website-


ClistyB said...

hee hee! I sent my blog post to the stores website! I promised them I would.
I know I said the cakes look gorgeous, but in the back of my head I am seeing a white spider crawling out of the holes in the cakes!!

Hollyween said...

OH, that looks delish.
Too bad it looks so hard to make. I'm not talented enough for it.
I have an idea though. How about you make some and then bring me one to eat? Yes? Yes??

Hollyween said...

Okay, some how I missed that this is an actual "STORE" that you buy stuff from. I guess I can just buy my own! But you know I'm not gonna cuz I'm cheap.