Thursday, March 6, 2008

more from Colorado

Our Sushi lunch in the most awesome mall ever!
They had really nice stores that I usually only see catalogs for.
Cute but very EXPENSIVE children's clothes

And OH MY HECK more sweet, sweet kids clothes. I splurged and got Porter the cutest Easter outfit here. I'll put a picture of it later. Even there bags and tissue paper that they wrap the clothes in a darling. Oh to be rich..........

This is James answering questions after his training last night


Anonymous said...

See Here or Here

West said...

that looks like so much fun!!!

ClistyB said...

oooooh that is the mall my girlfriend works at!! Good one, huh?
Janie and Jack is a Gymboree sister store. And I just found out that we are getting one in the new part of Fashion Place. It's a ways out but still! Lucky for you they go to size 8 now. I LOVE that place can you tell? The state of Utah accounts for the biggest bulk of their online sales. The last two years I ordered so much from them, I received Christmas cards from the company! whoops.
And Hanna Andersson is expensive, but I have to say that I have been able to buy a dress and use it for all three of my girls. They last. I can't wait to see what you nought Porter! I wonder if it might be the same sweater I had my eye on for Meatball!
ah, a post after my own heart!!! thank you

ClistyB said...

ps i am not rich, i just spend my grocery money on my kids clothes

Jennie said...

EEWww! Sushi!! I am so not a fish girl! Looks like a fun time, though! I bet coming home will be hard. Laundry, dishes, cleaning, etc, etc. Hope it was a really nice break!

Hollyween said...

That sushi looks delish.
Except it sounds pretty gross right this second because I just had some orange juice.