Monday, February 25, 2008

My Brain can't talk.

(Kids can sleep anywhere....)

My conversation with Porter:

Porter- How am I going to get bigger?

Me- You are growing everyday. Soon you will be big like Conner then Jordan then Hayden. Then you'll be big like Daddy. Hayden and Daddy have a job, and you will too.

Porter- "What will I do?"

Me- You can do anything. You can fly an airplane or drive big trucks or work on a computer like Daddy.

Porter- But will I play Playhouse Disney?

Me- You can play some of the games like Daddy does.

Porter- How will I know how?

Me- Your brain will tell you how.

Porter- Brains don't talk!


West said...

Porter has the cutest personality! Love these cute stories about him.
Also, I love the sleeping collage :)

Jennie said...

Oh my goodness!! That is hilarious. Ruthie's brain does tell her to do things, good things, though. I guess it could be worse! Love the pictures! I wish mine would fall asleep like that now!

sharon said...

Your boys do say funny things.

See you soon.

Love, Mom