Thursday, January 17, 2008

"It means you're big."

We have had my niece staying with us this week, McKenzey. It's been so fun for me to have a little girl around. I can't wait to do her up cute for church on Sunday. Girls and boys really are hard wired differently. Porter couldn't care less about my blog but McKenzie will sit by me forever and look at all the fun pictures. Last night she even taught Porter how to fold towels, and kept telling him, "good job sweetie". Well this morning I was getting Porter ready for preschool and the two of them were discussing how old they were.
Porter said, "I'm 4".
McKenzey said, "I'm 4 1/2".
I told her that Porter didn't know what the 1/2 meant yet, to which she replied,
"It means you're big". Too cute.
At what age did we all stop using 1/2's in our age???


West said...

That is soo sweet! why is she staying with you guys? She has always had such a cute personality, I can't wait until Tayton can talk and say sweet things! I love children, and I never new it until my sweet baby girl! They are such a blessing!!!

Momma Ballou said...

Julie and Ryan are on a cruise untill Sunday.

John Holly Levi & Faith said...

So cute. Do you still have her? If not, I bet it was hard to send back "the girl"!

West Family said...

Hey, I have 3 you can borrow anytime:) I glad you had fun with her!

Jennie said...

Girl hair is so girl just doesn't think so! Hope you had fun girl time!