Thursday, January 3, 2008


I have been thinking this for years and thought I'd see what you all think.

I was at the grocery store yesterday and when the bagger was done bagging my grocerey's he kind of mumbled "do you need help out?" I swear this is what they're really thinking..."please say no, I really don't want to go outside, I want to keep talking to my friends inside where it's warm." It makes me laugh. Sometimes they don't make eye contact and mumble under their breath, hoping you don't really notice them. Hayden was a bagger a while back and I know they are suppose to take our grocery's out for us. Am I making too much out of this? I guess they are all very young and I know how I was at their age. Which actually makes me feel very old! Oh well, just thought I'd share.


West said...

I will tell you what drives me crazy about "shoppers"...people who park next to a shopping cart and instead of grabbing it and taking it in to use...they walk into the store grab one that is in the store and then take it out to their car when done, and leave it right there now there are two carts. Just one of those pet peeves we have ( : (Wow that wasn't very Positive!)

West said...

Hi, about John Kate +8 I could start a whole website on my love hate relationship with KATE...she is so crazy I just laugh at her..and she is the meanest wife I have ever seen...John does need a back bone, but if he had one she would probably break it!! ( : I just like to see all the fun activities they have for thier children. But I agree Kate is a bit of a crazy...and that is putting it nicely.

West said... last two comments haven't been the most positive.
I LOVE that you post so much, I like to log on and see that people are posting and having fun.
Have a great day!

John Holly Levi & Faith said...

I love Jon and Kate plus 8. I actually don't think that she's all that mean. I mean, you'd HAVE to be with 8 kids. I sit there in wonder at how she does it all.

But about your baggers post.... he he. You can TOTALLY tell they don't want to come out to your car. But sometimes I get the occasional one that seems put out that you say NO to their services too. Go figure!
I personally like carrying out my own stuff. I'm too paranoid about where they put it, but I DO like that they'll put the cart away for me.