Thursday, April 16, 2009

Vacation GO GO GO

OK, brace yourself! There are a ton of pictures on this post.
My sweet brother and sister-in-law just moved to Anaheim Hills, CA. So the gang came down to visit them. We have been here for 9 days. And haven't stopped the whole time. We have been going, going, going. But what fun!
Here is their beautiful home.

Porter acquired,count em, 6 swords on this trip!
Conner thinks he's Tarzan

Here the girls are ready to go into A Bugs Life

And these are homes are on the Beach on Balboa Island.
They start at a cool 5 million.

Want one?????
Conner and Abbie in the Ice Caves in Sea WorldSome of my beautiful nieces. I have 11!!!Conner got a new hoodie in Disney Land.
"It's super de duper pwnsome!" He says.Here's the "O" in California. Hangin' out on Balboa Beach

Yummy Shaved Ice
At the beach. Porter loved everything but when the sand would stick on him.
Hmmmm, hard to not let that happen.

Huge, loud, waves
OK, funniest thing ever. When we arrived the rental car only had one of our reservations, so we ended up renting a 15 passenger van. You should have seen my 19 year old niece's face when we told her to get in to the "Polyg-Rig" And then the jokes that followed us the whole trip.
My brothers AWESOME pool

We missed all of you that couldn't come this time. Let's go again really soon!!!!!!!

And I want to thank my sweet adorable husband. Hayden and Jordan stayed home this time. And while we were gone Hayden got super sick and ended up in the hospital. James cut the trip short and flew home to take care of him.. Everyone is doing well now. Thanks honey for allowing the rest of us to have a super time.



Til said...

It looks like you had a fabulous time!!! What a beautiful home your brother has!!! Glad everyone is okay now! Thanks for sharing!

Mike and Sam Berry said...

Looks like you are having a BLAST! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

ClistyB said...

oh crud, I wish I knew, I would have asked you to get a slew of swords for Marik. Love those from DL.

West said...

I am so happy you posted these! I can count on you for updating your blog! looks like so much fun, and I am sooo jealous, maybe next year we will be able to make it. I can't believe you were there 9 days, how great is that! and you did so much!

West Family said...

You could have at least tried to look like you didn't have any fun without us. SOOOO jealous! I am glad you partied it up for us though. Thanks for sharing all the pictures! Glad Hayden is okay.