Wednesday, December 12, 2007


2 posts in one day??? This is a first for me.
Today I went to Kinkos to print out our Christmas cards, (which by the way turned out darling) and I ran into so many people who must have left their manners at home. First I couldn't get any good service from the employees, then what should have taken about 10 minutes took over a half hour. The machine ran out of paper and ink, which I knew it was going to but the worker told me to wait until it did, so I had to recreate the card 4 different times cause the stupid machine doesn't save. One reason I messed up was this RUDE lady breathing down my neck! I think even if you're waiting in line for something you should give people their space. Then another lady was making a ton of copies on the ONLY color copier they had. But that's ok cause she got there first. A lady came in needing color copies and acted soooo put out to have to wait for the first lady. Like the whole world should have known that SHE was in a hurry and her time was much more valuable that the rest of ours! She finally left in a huff and gave the poor lady a dirty look. Then of course I had Porter with me and he was being pretty good. He found a cute little girl to play with and they were laughing and having fun. Well, this grouchy old lady walked by them and said "you guys look like you're having a good time." Which Porter said "We are" and she replied " way too much fun for me!" In a very condescending voice. Ewe! why can't people just be nice? For heavens sake IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!!!
At least my pictures turned out cute. Be looking for them in the mail.
Love to all, April


John Holly Levi & Faith said...

Imagine being John and dealing with these people all day every stinking day of your life. NO wonder why he's so tired at night.

You should have given me your stuff, I would have sent it with John, gotten it done and given it back to you and saved you the trip. I make John my slave that way because I'm a good wife.

West said...

Have you seen Elf Yourself? I can't do Jpeg pictures...can't figure it out. But it's really should try it...I think it is just

West Family said...

I went out yesterday, Saturday, and ran into way to many mean people. Driving was the worst. I think Christmas shopping brings out all the hermits from their holes and then we have to deal with them. Haven't they heard of shopping on-line?!?